Adult Orthodontics


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Orthodontic correction is important in adults to help prevent or improve periodontal problems, prevent or reduce further bone loss around teeth, improve the ability of the dentist to restore missing teeth, improve aesthetics for a better smile and facial appearance, improve function of teeth, improve self confidence and self esteem and improve overall oral health.


Adults often question if they are candidates for orthodontics and the answer is YES!  It is never too late to address neglected teeth that are in need of orthodontic treatment.  There are many advancements in orthodontic treatment that result in reduced treatment time and are still esthetically pleasing.

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Would you recommend braces for adults?

Actual Patients

Adult's  Experience with braces at our office.
Problems to Watch for in Adults

Malocclusions, like those illustrated below, may be improved by orthodontic treatment.


Impacted Teeth

Periodontal Problems/

Receeding Gums


Tooth Wear/Bruxism


Deep Bite

Anterior Crossbite

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