Retainers & Aligners






No more impression mess! We use the latest technology called the CS3600 intraoral scanner. It makes capturing digital impressions fast and easy! The scanner works by taking lots of little photos and stitching them together to form a model of your teeth. We then get to keep a copy of your model in our office, that way getting a replacement retainer is a breeze. As long as your retainers are fitting properly, call the office to have a new one mailed promptly to you for your convenience. Replacement retainers cost $50 each. 




EZ-Align® clear aligners by DynaFlex® are lightweight and clear aligners that correct malaligned teeth in teens and adults. EZ-Align® does this by progressively moving teeth to provide a beautiful smile. First we take a scan using our CS3600 intraoral scanner, then the lab will make the aligners. We see patients on a schedule to deliver the appropriate aligners. When all finished with the aligners we will have retainers made to hold that perfect smile. 

Storage box

Patient box

ALigner bag

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