Patient Instructions


Bite Plate Wear

most patients are asked to wear their bite plate 24/7. If you feel we told you differently, please call the office to confirm. 
Bite plate is to be worn while you are eating. 
Use your toothbrush on your bite plate when brushing your teeth  to scrub daily bacteria away. 

If you ever have any questions please call the office at 815-235-7476


Rubberband Wear

most patients are asked to wear their rubberbands 24/7. If you feel we told you differently, please call the office to confirm. 
Rubberbands are to be worn while eating. It helps the process move along more quickly. 
Take rubberbands out when brushing your teeth & replace with fresh ones when finished
Rubberbands are to be changed around 4-5 times a day. 

The 1st month after braces are removed retainers are to be worn 24/7 and only taken out to eat or drink anything other water

Always carry a retainer case on you when wearing 24/7. Never roll it up in a napkin or throw it in your pocket. You risk breaking or losing it. 

Make sure teeth and retainer are clean when wearing. You can ruin your teeth by trapping harmful bacteria against your teeth

Do not subject retainers to heat above body temperature. Such as cleaning retainers with hot water or leaving them in a car on a hot day. 

If you ever forget a night or the retainer becomes tight again, wear retainer until it is nice and loose. If it continues to stay tight, schedule a visit at the office. 

You should always have a spare set of retainers. If you lose one or break one, please call the office to have a new one made. Replacement retainers are $50. 

Retainer Instructions

Aligner Instructions

(these apply to aligners)

Wearing an aligner for 22 or more hours a day is the only way to ensure effectiveness and rapid treatment time. Only take aligner out for eating,drinking anything other than water and to clean. 

Do not chew gum or smoke with aligners in. Do not chew on aligners and keep them up and away from pets. 

If soreness occurs, take Tylenol to reduce the pain. Other pain relievers will slow down tooth movement. They may affect your speech but after a couple days that will subside. 

There are numbers printed on the biting surface of the aligners. Most of the number are no use to you but it will say U1 for the 1st one in the upper series and L1 for the 1st one in the lower series. Then U2, L2 so on and so forth. 

We can replace a lost or broken aligner for a fee of $35. If you need a new aligner made call the office as soon as possible. 

questions or concerns

always call the office


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